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Nearshore Services

Here at Xolyd, our mission goes beyond providing technology solutions. We help our clients achieve the highest level of operational excellence so they can focus on what matters - their core business. 

And we have been helping end Customers and IT Companies to complete their teams or simply build their entire teams on our Nearshore Center.

We provide services from Lisboa or Porto. Each of these cities is served by International Airports that distance 15 minutes from the City Center.

And you can fly from any major city in Europe and be at the office in 3 hours. That is a brand new paradigm for NEAR on "Nearshore" right? Plus, you will be located in the city center of either two of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and spend time with your team.

Lisboa and Porto are the largest cities in Portugal, with many of the finest universities. This is where we recruit our IT'ers. All have perfect English skills and a strong work ethics.

So if you need to build your competence center or strenghten your existing teams, get in touch and one of our nearshore specialists will help design the perfect solution for your specific case. 

Let me know more about Nearshore in Portugal

Interested in using our nearshore services? Simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

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