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Xolyd Privacy and Data Protection Policy 

Scope of application

The Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy is intended to regulate the processing of personal data carried out by Xolyd within the scope of its services. Within this scope

Xolyd may collect data provided directly to Xolyd by any individual with whom it interacts in its multiple channels online and offline, while carrying its business.


The processing of personal data includes, in particular, the registration, collection, consultation, use, adaptation, alteration, storage, destruction, among other operations referred to in article 4, paragraph 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the  European Union Parliament and Council, 27 April 2016.


Xolyd will not use any personal data without consent, and solely for the purposes listed below:

(a) Provision of services requested by companies and organizations with whom Xolyd establishes a commercial relationship;

(b) Provision of marketing materials about products, services, other activities, campaigns, promotions, statistical purposes and personalized content;

(c) Recruitment;


Xolyd guarantees the processing of personal data in accordance with current legislation regarding its collection, processing, use, disclosure, storage and privacy, and will not process personal data that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, or trade union membership, as well as the processing of genetic data, biometric data, health data or data relating to sexual life or sexual orientation of the holder.


When accessing or using our services, when participating in marketing activities promoted by Xolyd, or in any recruitment process, the individual agrees to Xolyd's privacy and personal data protection policy, consenting to its collection and processing. Information is provided directly and explicitly. Failure to provide or partially provide personal data by the holder may limit or make it impossible to provide services, participate in events, campaigns or any other promotional and/or commercial activities or integrate into recruitment processes.


Personal data may only be collected if the data subject requests a service,  responds to a survey, exchanges electronic correspondence with Xolyd, agrees to participate in marketing activities and/or campaigns and receive commercial and/or corporate information or registers on Xolyd's website or at any commercial event.

Consent to receive information

The data subject will give prior consent to receive commercial communications for marketing purposes, with the right to object at any time by means of a written communication addressed to Xolyd. Said commercial information, may be sent by Xolyd via any electronic communication or any other method.


In addition to the obligations referred to in the Law applicable to data protection or the safeguarding and protection of its own interests, Xolyd will not share any personal data with third parties, with the exception of companies in its group, as long as security and safety conditions are guaranteed.

How is Xolyd organized to comply to GDPR

Xolyd has appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to protect the data processed, in particular, against unauthorized access or any other form of illegal or illicit processing. Xolyd guarantees, in addition to the security and internal protection measures of its facilities, the limitation of access to personal data only to its employees to fulfill the processing purposes.

Access, Modification and Right to Forget

The data subject is granted the right to access and rectify the processed data, and may, at any time, withdraw consent to the processing and request the deletion of the data, through written communication addressed to Xolyd. Additionally, Xolyd will make reasonable efforts to ensure that it retains data about the data subject only for as long as necessary in relation to the purpose of its collection.

Cookies and automation

Xolyd does not use cookies, beacons, plug-ins (extensions) on social networks or any other similar technologies. We will not make any commercial decisions based on automated decisions or take any action leading to profiling.

Control Authority

The controlling authority is the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), with headquarters at Rua de São Bento 148 - 3º 1200-821 Lisboa.


You can always contact Xolyd regarding the processing of personal data via the Data Processor Officer channel email at:

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